Our dream is for everyone to feel the same way.

Wellbees is an employee wellbeing platform that increases personal wellbeing by using the power of social interactions within companies. 82% of all employees using Wellbees gain at least one healthy habit. Wellbees is a one-stop shop for all things employee wellbeing for HR, giving the department about 80% savings on the time&budget consumed. Wellbees currently serves 100K+ employees in 40+ companies, 17 countries, and 8 languages.

Our Approach to Wellbeing

We believe that every person is complex and it's not realistic to expect to be “well” simply by eating leeks and jogging. See our HBR article for more information about our vision.

Our Approach to Human Resources

We realize that we need to be considerate of how we use the words “well-being” and “technology” in the same sentence. We are aware of the responsibility of the data we create. Click here for our latest report on HR Technologies.

Our Approach to Behavior Change

We believe that the path that leads us to our goals is paved with habits and we are proud of our function as behavior change engineers. Contact us for Tiny Habits coaching which we have created in collaboration with BJ Fogg founder of Stanford University Persuasive Technology Lab which was featured in the documentary: The Social Dilemma.

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